Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Two public service announcements:
1) I have added a sidebar that lists the entries from this blog according to CRAFT which I think is a nifty idea.
2) I have received a very nice shout-out from homeshuling. Thank you!

This week's parsha is all about the 12 spies being sent into the Land of Israel to check it out. Basically, the Land gets mixed reviews. I assume that the timing of this parsha with the controversial news now coming out of Israel will be the source for many a Rabbi's sermon this week.

This parsha is especially relevant for our family since we are moving to Israel this summer. In addition, we feel somewhat like "scouts" on behalf of other American families who we hope will join us in building a new community in the Negev. (Please come!!!)

So, I wanted to make a map of Israel with the girls this week. A long time ago, I had flipped through Rosie O'Donnel's book Crafty U at Barnes and Noble (no, I didn't buy it) and came across this project and it had stuck with me ever since. So, one sleepless night (there are many of those nowadays), I decided that I would use dried beans and the like to design the map of Israel.

I did a trial run of this without the kiddos since I had to get the idea into Challah Crumbs and I wanted to experiment a bit.

First, I tried to figure out what I could use for the blue of the waters. When I came up empty, I decided that I would have to dye or paint the food items. Having no idea how to do this - guess what - I googled. I learned that the best method for dyeing dried pasta is to put the pasta in a big ziploc, add a few drops of food coloring, and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Priding myself in actually possessing (and locating) all of those items in my home, I tried it and it worked easily and perfectly. I dyed white rice blue and Israeli couscous (I thought that was a cute touch) green.

I then cut up an old Huggies diaper box as my base.

I drew an outline of the map of Israel - copying from images that I found online.

Then, I just starting gluing section by section...

...until, walla -

I was surprised and thrilled by how it came out. The girls freaked out when they saw that I had "done Parsha" without them. We ultimately did do this project together but, let's just say that they used a little more poetic license than I did.

Maya decided that she wanted to do a rainbow, but she said that it was a rainbow IN Israel. Close enough, I guess.

Avital, well, she just went freestyle...

Although, as always, it was challenging for me to "let go" and allow them to play, I did let them do as many mosaics as they wanted and we now have a nice collection.

Now, how do I tell them that these will NOT be going with us to Israel...


  1. If you're not taking them with you, I know several people who would be thrilled to have a Katz daughters original mosaic :)

  2. Good Luck with your move to Israel! That's such a huge move.. hope you guys are happy there (and hope you continue your blog there!) We already have our round robin planned for next year - I have Tuesdays, maybe I can do early Parshah or something...

  3. Great craft! (here's ours if anybody wants to see it:

    My older kids actually joked (when they found out that I'd used pasta) that I should have used Israeli couscous. Drat; I'll let them know you beat me to it.

    (We are also hoping to make aliyah, but further down the line... like 3 more years. Destination still unknown, but thanks for "spying it out" for us!)