Thursday, October 21, 2010



We have entered our second year of Parsha Projects. Last year, we started with Lecha Lecha so we missed the colorful opportunities that Parshat Noach provides! So many options for crafts - arks, doves, animals, water. But, I went with the most obvious - rainbows! First, I dyed one bag of pasta. It is so easy and comes out so beautiful! We now have a huge bag of colored pasta that we can use for all sorts of projects - jewelery, mosaics, etc.

Since the girls are pretty into beading, we first made rainbow necklaces:

We had so many noodles that we also made a rainbow just by gluing them onto a piece of cardboard...

As if we did not have enough rainbows around, I was determined to make rainbow cookies for Shabbos. Someone cited this recipe
on Challah Crumb's Facebook page and it looked easy and fun. The first step, dyeing the dough was definitely fun and easy:

But, when it came time to work with the dough, we were in trouble. The dough was just sticky and mushy. It was just a mess, a disaster, a flop. So, as often happens in times like this, Andy stepped in to try to save the day.

He froze the dough which helped a bit but it was still incredible frustrating to work with. We managed to put together some things that sort of looked like rainbows...

I was especially proud of this one that brought back San Francisco memories...

As always, what I considered to be a flop, the girls considered to be a masterpiece!


  1. you have no idea how happy it made me to see 11 (11!) new Parsha Projects posts in my blogreader this morning!

  2. How do you die the noodles?