Tuesday, November 3, 2009



This is not a very kid-friendly Parsha. We have Lot who sacrifices his two daughters to the men of Sodom and then ends up sleeping with them himself. Then, we have Sarah who expels her surrogate son and maidservant. Finally, we have Abraham who nearly slaughters his son on the altar. I decided that my kids do not need to learn any of these stories just yet. Better to stick with the beginning of the Parsha when Avraham and Sarah welcome the three strangers (aka angels) into their tent. This story is the basis for associating Avraham and Sarah with the great Jewish value of Hachnasat Orchim or welcoming guests. First, we colored and hung the relevant pages from Aish.com.

I thought about making model tents but could not really figure out a good way of doing it. So, instead, I found the great idea of making a personalized welcome mat at chinuch.org. I bought a mat at Ross for $7.00 and bought paint markers at an art supply store. I did a few squares on my own just to try it out.

At first the kids were intimidated by the project but then they started drawing away.

We put the welcome mat outside and after havdalah we had a few of our friends add their own artwork.

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