Sunday, December 20, 2009



This week's parsha project had to be fast and easy since we had to complete it before lots of people showed up at our house for a 4:30 pm Chanukah candle-lighting. The most visually exciting scene from the parsha was Pharoah's dream of seven skinny cows eating seven fat cows. First, we talked about how sometimes we have strange dreams (Maya's was a ladybug jumping off a rock) and how sometimes dreams have special meaning. Then, we got right into making our cows. I felt a little guilty that this project did not allow them much, if any, creativity. It was basically just cutting and pasting. I used old oatmeal containers for the fat cows and toilet paper rolls for the skinny cows. We just covered them with white paper and black paper spots. I printed out the adorable cow face from Danielle's Place.

I had high hopes of making cow cookies since I actually now OWN cow cookie cutters! But, alas, time was not on our side (though I was exceedingly proud of the persimmon sauce that I made for our latkes - delicious!) Then, right before shabbos, my friend asked me if we were going to have Skinny Cow ice cream this week. Brilliant....For next year.
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  1. Hi, I am the creator of Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities. I love your idea of using the cow patterns on the boxes, however they are copyrighted patterns. It is okay to use my patterns and place pictures of how you used them on your site; however, you must link back to the page from which the pattern come from, not the patterns themselves. Please change your link to this page: not the page with the .gif you have it linked to at this time.

    Carolyn Warvel
    Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

    Here is a link to my copyright instructions:

  2. Dear Carolyn, I apologize for my mistake and have corrected the link. Thank you for being in touch,

  3. i love this idea!